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Building Fiji through Authentic and Accessible Archival Records.


Fiji Insspire Fijians to Explore the records of their Country.Safeguard our recorded Cultural heritage in accordance with international standards. Support Evidence based governance by Providing sound recordkeeping policies, standards and training. Build a sense of shared responsibility for recordkeeping in the Public Service. Expand Fiji’s knowledge base by encouraging in-depth archival research. Utilise appropriate technology to popularize the archives and ensure the security of archival data.


National Archives of Fiji
25 Carnavon Street,
PO Box 2125, Government Buildings,
Office: 3304144 Fax: 3307006

The National Archives collects and preserves Fiji’s documentary heritage and makes it available to the public through exhibitions, and research services. Our collection contains around a million archival documents on 5 kilometers of shelving and 1.5 kilometers of publications, along with over 100,000 historical photographs and over 2000 hours of historical footage. These records constitute a large portion of the nation’s collective memory, and provides a bridge for users to reach back in time to find vital information for present day issues such as pension entitlements, family genealogy, and property cases.

Together the records capture the development of Fiji through time, a valuable tool for researchers and for decision makers who consult archives to determine precedents, understand their obligations, and formulate policies that are beneficial for citizens. A lot happens at the archives. Come one down and see for yourself!

Roles & Responsibilities

Archives Administration & Advisory Services

This is the Departments core unit and it has two main functions, these are: 

A) Evaluates, selects and takes into custody for proper preservation public records which have permanent value. It arranges, describes and publishes records held in the Archives to facilitate easy retrieval, and to promote scholarly research among them. Safeguard the integrity of public records by ensuring their proper security and safe custody, and by promoting their better preservation. 

B) As government’s authority on records and their management the department 
provides training to increase the awareness of records issues, and encourage best practice in government departments. The section also leads the department in providing advisory services to Ministries and Departments on matters relating to the safe custody of public records

National Legal Deposit Library

Housed within the National Archives is the Sir Alport Barker Memorial Library. This is Fiji’s Legal Deposit Library which receives all materials printed and/or published in Fiji. It is tasked with acquiring and arranging all materials published in Fiji, for the knowledge and education of the people of Fiji. It meets the needs of over 5,000 users every year, a growing number of which are primary and secondary school students who use the valuable resources to produce high quality projects.


This section is responsible for the proper conservation and restoration of the permanent records held in the National Archives. It carries out restoration of historical records which have deteriorated due to their advanced age. In order to do this the staff have a very specific skills set, and work with specialized materials. The Section also provides training and technical advice to government departments on the conservation & bookbinding issues.

Digital Continuity

This is the newest unit in the Archives, It is was set up to ensure the preservation and accessibility of Fiji heritage photographs and Audio visual footage. Currently the team is working on leaning, sorting and digitising over 100,000 historical photographs, and is also responsible for cataloguing over 2000 hours of footage that was been successfully restored and digitised. These materials are always of high interest during our public outreach events.


Microfilming of records is a critical function to the preservation of Fiji’s heritage. This section films historical documents on to microfilm and then the microfilmed version of the document is released for use by researchers. This prevents wear and tear to the original document. The unit films, develops and creates a back up copy as a safety measure. Each roll of microfilm is able to store about one months of Fiji times. The section also tends to the photocopy requests of users.