Dr. Anjeela Jokhan, Permanent Secretary for Education, Heritage & Arts, officiated the launch of the National Craft Exhibition, at the old municipal market place in Nausori, today.

At the event, the Permanent Secretary stated that art and cultural heritage remain one of the most important tools for economic empowerment.

“In the right environment, art and cultural heritage have the potential to create more job opportunities, economic stability for Fijian families as well as financial independence for women,” said Dr. Jokhan.

Our contributions to the tourism sector have increased broad-based support for our country’s traditional art and culture. This has also allowed our country’s culture and creative industries to gain significant global exposure.

The National Craft Exhibition is a yearly event organized by the Fiji Arts Council to involve the participation of Men and Women Craft Practitioners representing the North, West, East and Central Divisions of Fiji to compete, showcase and sell their various crafts they are renowned for.

The Permanent Secretary praised the displays, saying, “The beautiful displays signify the growing possibilities and the thriving economy of our culture and creative industries.”

Dr. Jokhan added that dialogues focused on protection mechanisms for culture and creative industries need to continue so that this important sector as well as our culture is protected.

“Your presence here today shows your appreciation, interest and passion for Fijian art and culture, and its ability to cope and withstand time and change,” Dr. Jokhan commended.

The Permanent Secretary thanked the Government, Cultural Institutions and Fiji Arts Council for their support of culture and heritage as well as the artists and artisans who have travelled from afar to be part of the exhibition.

The four days event was officially opened today and closes on Saturday, 15 October.

Permanent Secretary delivering her keynote address

Madam PS with her masi themed bag & purse