The Permanent Secretary for Education, Heritage and Arts, Dr. Anjeela Jokhan addressed Bhawani Dayal Arya College during its Golden Jubilee celebration today. She lauded the efforts of all its stakeholders in helping the school reach this milestone.

The school started in 1972 with a humble student roll of 28 with 2 teachers. Over the years, the school has grown both, in stature and roll. Today the school has 826 students.

The school operates under the auspices of the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji and has deeply rooted cultural pride that it promotes in addition to academic excellence.

Speaking at the event, the Permanent Secretary praised the school for its achievements as a learning institution, and also emphasized that while honoring its past, the school must be ready to create a future that involves transformation in education.

“We must transform education to make it more resilient to disruptions such as those seen during the pandemic and disasters. We must rethink education to prepare our children for a rapidly changing world,” she further added.

She took the opportunity to share Ministry’s own milestone in securing membership with the Global Partnership for Education and also highlighted the Ministry’s initiative with the Education Sector Plan.

She concluded by advising the students to prioritize their education and become responsible citizens, strong in their morals and principles.

“Many of you will be leaders of tomorrow. You must decide what kind of an adult, what kind of a parent and what kind of a citizen you want to be. We can only help and guide you but ultimately the choice will always be yours,” she reminded them.

Also speaking at the event was the Director Education, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Ambassador Kamlesh Arya who acknowledged the Ministry of Education’s support towards the Sabha, serving its schools better.

  He further attributed the success of the college to several stakeholders, including the Ministry which he thanked for “upholding the spirit of partnership and professional guidance.”

The event also involved the unveiling of the Golden Jubilee Plaque and launch of the Golden Jubilee Magazine for the school witnessed by the school, the board members and the invited guests and ex-scholars.