Dr. Anjeela Jokhan, the Permanent Secretary for Education, Heritage and Arts opened the Golden Jubilee celebration for Pt. Shreedhar Maharaj College last Friday evening. While opening the celebration, the Permanent Secretary sincerely acknowledged the landowners of Natogadravu for leasing their land to the school.

Pt. Shreedhar Maharaj College was founded 50 years ago by the visionary Pt. Maharaj with a donation of $60,000 and 10 acres of land. 40 students and 4 teachers pioneered the college in 1972. This year, the college celebrates its 50th Anniversary with 465 students and 32 teachers.

In 1981, the college was donated to the Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha, Fiji, one of the largest Hindu organizations in the country.

While acknowledging the efforts of the school management, teachers and students both former and current, parents and supporters, Dr. Jokhan emphasized that we were at a crossroad of change in education and that it can no longer be ‘business as usual’.

“We must transform education to build resilience, reduce disruption during school closures, be student-centered, learning by doing and using technology enhanced learning, the tool with which students are generally most familiar,” said the Permanent Secretary.

In her address, Dr. Jokhan urged the audience to think of ways to inspire and transform education for the current and future scholars of the college as they will be the future of our nation. The Permanent Secretary further stated that in this day and age, a good education for our children is important for economic growth and technological development. It is also important that students become successful members of our nation and lead lives based on morals and principles.

While commending the college for its achievements so far, the Permanent Secretary re-emphasized that “there is no greater and better investment than in the education of a growing generation, on which the future of our nation depends.”

The event was attended by both the current and former Principals, College Management, teachers, students and many other well-wishers.