The Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts met with the World Bank representatives, Prof. Satish Chand and Dr. Ryoko Tomita to discuss the upcoming projects that World Bank is expected to roll out in Fiji in four phases and how it’s going to positively impact the secondary school education. 

Hon. Premila Kumar, Minister for Education, Heritage & Arts said, “it is an opportune time to collaborate with partners such as World Bank because the Ministry is in the process of the developing a 10 year Education Sector Plan funded by the Global Partnership for Education. Such collaborations will allow the Ministry to clearly map out how the support of different partners is going to complement educational dreams of the nation’’.

She added that while in few weeks’ time countries are going to converge for the Transforming Education Summit in New York, it is expected to kindle the countries thinking on how to maneuver their way towards transforming education through effective collaboration with partners and relevant stakeholders.

The project that the Ministry is working with the World Bank is on Pacific Secondary Schools in four Pacific Island Countries including Fiji.  The four-phase programme aimed at identifying and piloting interventions that can improve educational outcomes of secondary-aged youth in the Pacific.

While this was the first   meeting, Ministry is expected to have more discussions with the World Bank on certain planned projects. Minister Kumar said she is expecting the first phase of the project to unveil data that will provide clear directions for Teacher Training Institutions and the Ministry to help provide appropriate training for teachers.

Later this week, the World Bank representatives are also expected to visit few schools to have an insight on how schools are currently operating and what could be some of the potential areas of enhancement.

The Minister for Education reiterated that while the Fiji First Government is fully committed towards education through adequate funding, we are optimistic to see better return on such investment.

She further added that the Ministry will work closely with partners to enhance the return on investment.

Hon. Minister having a meeting with World Bank Representatives.