The Ministry wishes all Years 5 and 7 students in all primary schools around the nation well as they sit for Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (LANA) on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

“The Ministry recognises the importance of Literacy and Numeracy in students’ performance in different subjects at school.  Ministry’s focus on literacy and numeracy in early primary years will ensure academic success for students in later years, said the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts.

The LANA Assessment will commence after a lapse of 2 years due to COVID-19 pandemic that caused disruption in teaching and learning.  This year, a total of 19,673 Year 5 and 19,725 Year 7 students will sit for LANA at 719 centres. Students from 2 special schools will also sit for LANA this year.

The Minister stressed that Literacy and Numeracy is known to determine people’s workforce participation and productivity. It can also have an impact on social and health outcomes. She added that individuals without these skills are at risk of not being able to participate in the workforce or engage fully in social and civic life.

The Ministry is informing parents and guardians that LANA analysis will be used as a diagnostic tool to provide feedback to students, teachers and parents on students’ learning progress. It is expected that based on the feedback, various interventions can be used to improve students’ basic skills of communication and calculations needed in our day to day living.

“While I extend my best wishes to all Year 5 and 7 students for LANA, I am calling upon each and every parent or guardian of Year 5 and Year 7 students to provide the necessary support to the students as they sit for LANA”, said the Hon. Premila Kumar

Heads of Schools are reminded to ensure that the LANA assessment is conducted as scheduled and is in line with the stipulated guidelines.