The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts and Local Government, Hon. Premila Kumar launched the Education Sector Plan (ESP) Development Programme at the Suva Civic Centre today.

Fiji became a member of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in June this year. The GPE is the largest global fund solely dedicated to transforming education in lower-income countries, and a unique, multi-stakeholder partnership.  

“ As the newest member of Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Fiji is looking forward to guidance and support from GPE to develop the Education Sector Plan to make game-changing transformation to our education systems,” said the Minister.

Fiji has secured USD 587,879 to develop its Education Sector Plan which will chart a way forward for the next 10 years. This plan will articulate the national vision for education as stated in the National Development Plan which reflects the voices and priorities of all Fijians.

Fiji’s 20-Year National Development Plan provides the forward-looking vision for “Transforming Fiji” towards a progressive, vibrant and inclusive society. Universal access to education at all levels is at the heart of the Fijian Government, which aligns to the Sustainable Development Goal 4.

“ To realise this ambition, we will make bold and necessary changes so that our students develop critical thinking, social skills and problem-solving skills,” said the Minister.

The Minister added that, “It is important to make the education sector fit for purpose for students, for employers, for the nation and for global citizenry.  Education transformation should serve students of the 21st century where knowledge is becoming an important economic resource for “knowledge based economies”. 

A thorough analysis of the education sector will be carried out to inform the work of the ESP development as it will provide evidence based outcomes so assessments can be done and then a way forward determined. The Education Sector Plan will be developed through consulting key stakeholders, students, parents, communities, industries, grassroots people, religious organisations, etc.

The Senior Education Specialist, GPE, Mr. Daisuke Kanazawa said, “We are so pleased that Fiji has joined GPE this year and has started using GPE to strengthen Fiji’s education system”.  

The Ministry is looking forward towards the exciting journey of the development of Education Sector Plan as it will provide a transformed education system for Fiji.

Hon. Premila Kumar, the Minister for Education, Heritage & Arts delivering her keynote address at the launching

Hon. Premila Kumar, the Minister for Education, Heritage & Arts with students and partners