The Permanent Secretary of Education, Heritage and Arts officially presented the 9-year old, Reshav Pratap of Gospel Primary School, the award for his art work for the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

The art work titled, ‘Lightning Flame Breather’ was considered for this year’s Waku-Doki Award at the international level.  Waku-Doki, which is a Japanese expression, can be translated as exceeding expectations, bringing joy and heart-pumping excitement. Reshav’s dream car which he describes as fast as lightning, met this description, singling him as the winner of the award under this category.

2022 marked the 15th year for the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. Fiji has taken part in this contest 6 times. Previously, there had been two winners from Fiji though this was not at a global level. This makes this win all the more special since the Waku-Doki Award selection was done at a global level.

Speaking at the award presentation event, the Permanent Secretary acknowledged the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest for providing the youngsters a platform to showcase their talent.

“We must believe that our children are next to none. They have the ability to contest at a global level and win. All they need is our support. I thank Reshav’s parents for being there for him always,” Dr Jokhan said.

“They can envision what cars should be like in the future and I am amazed at how, while being creative, some of the participants have also tried to reflect the needs of their society through their creative cars,” she added.

 Reshav is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Pratap. His older sister attends Jai Narayan College. “We’re really proud of our son’s achievement,” Mr. Pratap said. Mrs. Pratap added that Reshav has always been artistic and she encouraged him to draw when she read the advertisement in the papers during the lockdown period. 

Similar sentiments were shared by the Head Teacher of Gospel Primary School. Mr. Ravolaca said that they were pleasantly surprised when they had received the news about the award. “Reshav joined the school since Kindergarten and they have noticed his passion for art since. His achievement has made them realize the value of children’s imagination and it has strengthened their focus on Art class”, he added. He is happy and proud of Reshav’s achievement and he further stated that the prize money awarded to the school will be used to improve its teaching and learning facilities.

All smiles, little Reshav said that his mom had encouraged him to take part in this contest. “Drawing has always been my passion and I am very happy that I have won this award and I will use it for my studies,” he added.

Reshav achieved this award amongst 530,000 participants from 78 countries and regions which is a milestone achievement.


PS Education speaking during the award ceremony at Asco Motors showroom in Nabua.

Reshav with PS Education and his school teachers.