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Technical College

David B Wedlock

David B Wedlock


Director – Technical College of Fiji


Quality Education for Change, Peace and Progress


To ensure safe and improved education access for all children through the provision and maintenance of school infrastructure facilities and resources; stringent and prudent financial and project management practice for compliance and good governance; and through safe and sustainable disaster risk management practices.

Roles & Responsibilities

Technical College of Fiji, a new initiative of the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts, has three pioneer campuses located in Suva, Nadi and Labasa. It is an institution of higher education that provides affordable lifelong learning opportunities, Certificate II awards in various trade sectors, part time short course training with Certificate of Attainment awards, and other learning opportunities using latest technology. The integration of experienced trainers and applied career preparation to enhance student learning is essential in meeting the workforce demands and economic development needs of the people, businesses, and communities of our country. The strength of Fiji rests in its citizens whose skills, values, and ethics make them a productive and competitive force. The men and women of Fiji should be productive workers if we are to attract new businesses and industries and strengthen existing companies that have enabled Fiji to become the commercial hub of the entire South Pacific Island Countries. Technical College of Fiji believes that the positive results of a literate and technically competent citizenry will accelerate Fiji’s continued appeal to existing, expanding, new, and emerging businesses and industries and will in turn contribute to the economic and social growth of individuals living and working in our country.
Pursuing a technical course is a great way to gain real life experience, skills and knowledge that will equip you to work in your chosen career, meeting required industry standards and best practices. Technical qualifications focus on practical hands on skills element and prepares you for a real work environment. Technical College of Fiji offers programs for skill development and future employment opportunities for students who have minimum education to Year 10. Government’s new policy directions for the Ministry of Education are to set up Technical Colleges in all divisions and to gradually phase out the vocational centres that are attached to secondary schools.
The Technical Colleges will cater for students who after Year 10 choose to pursue skills training that can lead to employment or to further training at other tertiary institutes. These are trainees whose passion lies in Technical Training. We have therefore provided two pathways that our current students can pursue – Academic Training which continues immediately after High School at major universities or Technical Training at the Technical College of Fiji Campuses. Given the above, the focus is now having this idea rolled out to other districts so that they too enjoy the same opportunities that the three established colleges are offering to people within or around each location.
Technical College is also offering short courses for Fiji citizen’s at all three divisions. The courses are designed to equip trainees with knowledge & skills on Engineering, Construction, Hospitality and Agriculture field of study. The TCF is identifying critical role of skill development, in offering a wide range of short courses and modified training that is specifically designed to enhance career development at workplace. These courses are competency based that contribute to increase opportunities for trainees for advancement in their skill pathway and eventually the specific occupation employment skills need for economic independence. Students who have a minimum qualification of Year 10/Form 4 level or with no formal qualification but have relevant work experience are eligible for these courses.