Special & Inclusive Education Resources

Legal Framework

               Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act 2018 (Act No.4 of 2018)

               A National Policy on Persons Living With Disabilities (2008-2018)

Toolkit for Disability-Inclusive Education

                Disability-Inclusive Education Handbook for Teachers

                Fiji Disability Services Information & Referral Directory 

Disability Fact Sheets 

-          Assessment Provisions 

-          Autism Spectrum Disorder

-          Cerebral Palsy

-          Deafness and Hearing Loss 

-          Epilepsy

-          Intellectual Disability

-          Physical Impairment

-          Specific Learning Disabilities

-          Speech & Language Disorders

-          Vision Impairment

Disability-Inclusive Education Poster

FEMIS disability disaggregation 

Forms schools have to complete

-          Student Learning Profile Form

-          School Accessibility and Inclusion Form

FEMIS disability disaggregation package


-          DVD – FEMIS disability disaggregation



                AQEP Disability Inclusion Film 

                FEMIS disability disaggregation training film