Ms Linda Aumua FHEC   DIRECTOR

The 6-member Commission was appointed by the Minister for Education after the commencement on 1st January 2010 of its governing legislation known as the Higher Education Promulgation 2008. The Higher Education Regulations 2009 and Higher Education (Qualifications) Regulations 2010 are subsidiary legislations.
The role of the Commission is to advise the Minister responsible for higher education, who is currently the Minister for Education, on the steps to be undertaken in developing and promoting the higher education sector. The latter includes regulating the operation of higher education institutions to enhance governance and productivity which will lead to quality education and training for individuals and the labour market. This, in turn, will improve the sector’s contribution to the social, economic and cultural progress of the nation. All higher education institutions are required to get recognition and be registered with the Commission.
The Commission has also developed the Fiji Qualifications Framework, a 10-level framework on which all higher education programmes in Fiji would be registered.
Members of the Commission
The members of the Commission are:

Dr Milika Sobey - Dr Milika Sobey
Dr Sandhya Coll - Member
Dr Joseph Veramu - Member
Mr Arun Narsey - Member
Mr Pratarp Singh - Member
Mr Vimlesh Chand - Member