Technology & Employment Skills Training


The Technology Employment Skills Training Section is responsible in carrying out the following functions:
•    Develop both long and short term plans for the future development of TEST in alignment to the Ministry and Government’s plan
•    Education and training for students taking TEST programmes
•    Assist in the design, development, review, implementation, testing and monitoring of the TEST curriculum.
The TVET section was renamed Technology & Employment Skills Training (TEST) in 2013 as part of a strategy to change the mindset about Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET). One of the purposes is to ensure that it provides employability skills training to meet the needs of the local and global market.
Technology  is one of the Key Learning Areas (KLA) in the Fiji National Curriculum Framework which aims at developing knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in students and children that will assist them to realize their full potential and prepare them for lifelong learning as well as creating opportunities for employment and further education.
The Technology KLA  is offered from primary Years 3 to 8 and secondary from Years 9 to 13.
Technology & Employment Skills training is a key element of any policy initiative that aims to improve the socio-economic conditions, create jobs and alleviate poverty.
The TEST goals for the next strategic years are:
1.    Increased number of students access quality TEST education
2.    Increase employability of TEST graduates
3.    Increase number of students continue to Tertiary Education
4.    Quality partnerships and links with industry, higher education institutions and communities are strengthened
5.    Greater relevance of Vocational Courses in alignment with the Fiji National Qualification Framework.
6.    Increase perception, awareness and value of Vocational Education.


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