hem chand

Education is where it all starts. Primary Education is seen in Fiji as fundamental in shaping a positive attitude towards lifelong Education. Primary Education is compulsory and free for all school children in Fiji. Regardless of academic achievement, all children in primary schools are advanced to secondary schools. The nationally designed curricula exposes students to a balanced, basic education and compulsory schooling which is known for its equal educational treatment of students and for its relatively equal distribution of financial resources among schools. The Primary Section of the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts has commitments, objectives and strategies in place that guide the delivery of services by the Primary Section.  This also includes the Special Education and Early Childhood Education. The Section has vision, mission and values to guide the delivery of efficient and effective services to all our stakeholders. In education, the child is the centre of everything that we do and the Primary section is committed to maintaining high levels of quality, excellence and professionalism in all that we do.
With specific information and clear guidelines in our 2016 Annual Plan, I am definite that the Primary Section will give their utmost best in fulfilling the deliverables for 2016 academic year. Parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers, together, let us support our children as we seek to provide them with the tools to survive and be successful in this world.
The Primary Section applauds the Government of the day and the Honorable Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts for the reforms and initiatives which continue to unfold this year.
I look forward to the support and cooperation from my colleagues, the staff of the Ministry of Education, all school heads, teachers and support staff in our schools and learning centres. I know that your kindness will touch many lives and afford many the opportunities to thrive and succeed in life.
May our Lord’s blessings be with us all throughout the year and beyond.