Library Services


The Department’s core role is to provide strategic directions to the development of School libraries, public libraries and community libraries and does not limit itself from offering assistance to special libraries who might need assistance in the establishment of their libraries, especially in terms of cataloguing processes and proper organization of libraries.
 In its 51 year of existence, the department has over the years evolved into a dynamic service provider that connects people to knowledge and information. This year has seen the department embarking into new policy direction and initiatives that will drive school libraries, public and community libraries to greater heights, hence the inclusion of Library automation which is currently under its pre-installation stage, that will allow the Citizen of Fiji to browse the catalogue and understand the holding of the department and also have access to online resources and e-books that our libraries have to offer.
In addition to the new initiative that the Ministry will embark on, Library Services is adamant that it will provide a platform for their users and schools to browse the world at their fingertips with all their online resources encouraging Library users to get connected to knowledge, thus strengthening the creation of a knowledgeable Fiji.
To our viewer’s, in-order not to miss out on the great opportunity ahead now is the time to get registered and become members at any of our branch libraries near you to allow access to the world of knowledge! Membership at any of our Branch library is absolutely Free of Charge.