Human Relations


The Human Relations Plan has been formulated to strategically address, coordinate, monitor, evaluate, integrate and response to the changing nature of the organization’s internal and external environment. The most important challenge with the Human RelationsUnit are linking the HR practices to Ministry’s Annual Business Plan and making sure that the HR activities that are implemented ‘make sense’ to enhance the realization of the Ministry’s Vision and Mission.

According to Professor Dexter Dunphy, Australian Graduate School of Management, 1997, who said “A lot of business are realizing that their strategic advantage isn’t technology or capital but lies with the knowledge and skills of their workforce.” The statement emphasizes the importance of the people, as it with the right people, you can do anything. The challenges in HR are exciting and they demand flexibility, innovation and courage.

Managing people within the employer-employee relationship specifically involve the productive utilization of people in achieving the organization’s objective and the satisfaction of individual’s employee’s needs.