Finance Message


The Central Government in its 2015 Annual Budget has allocated 12.03% of the total National Budget to the Education Sector, confirming again its commitment and drive to MAKING FIJI A KNOWLEDGE BASED SOCIETY and ensuring all concerted efforts are focused towards making Fiji a Smart Nation.

The 2015 Budget allocation of $401,649,600 thus ensures the continuation of Government’s initiatives of free tuition grants, busfare assistance and free textbooks in all primary and secondary schools thus further ensuring education is accessible to every Fijian child. New initiatives this year include Free Milk for all children in Year 1 and tuition grants to Early Childhood Centre (ECE) students from Term 2.

As custodians of that same budget it is the responsibility of the Finance Unit to take ownership and ensure effective internal controls system are in place to strengthen financial processes and procedures aligned to the Financial Management Act, 2004, Finance Instructions 2010 and the Ministry’s Finance Manual 2013 are strictly adhered to and complied with to ensure these funds are used for the purpose given and that timely reconciliations and financial reports are sent to the Ministry of Finance.

It is also the responsibility of the Finance Unit to ensure that all sections, units and district offices comply with the Financial Rules and regulations in order to reduce audit queries.

We will strive to improve and raise our performance in the delivery of our sub- outputs and non outputs deliverables for the year 2015 as we collectively endeavor to meet the goals and aspirations of the Ministry.