Technical College of Fiji






The Technical College of Fiji (TCF) being one of the governments many productive policy directions, is established to ascertain the critical role of skills development in achieving sustained economic growth and social progress, the skills mismatch in the labour market and the increased demand for technical skills in various sectors.
TCF is tasked to provide training and short courses to boost the training of our young people primarily for those who are not able to gain entrance into Higher Education in the trade skills in the hope to build our nation and enable us to reach our full potential. All the modified training programmes and short courses on offer are specifically designed to enhance career development in workplace essentials in the disciplines of Construction, Engineering, Tourism& Hospitality and Agriculture. I am adamant that the current Level II Certificates Programmes are offered at our TCF centers will not only allow students to gain real life experience, skills and knowledge  but will also equip them  to work in their aspiring  career which would contribute to meeting required industry standards and best practices. The technical qualifications we offer are designed to focus on practical element and will prepare trainees for a real work environment.
Given the 2015 MOE Theme – “Investing in Quality Education”, which hopes to build a better and smarter  Fiji  for all, we at Technical College of Fiji offer programmes for skill development and future employment opportunities for students who have a minimum qualification of Year 10/Form 4 level and those with no formal qualification but have relevant work experience.
We will appreciate feedback on our programmes and services and look forward to your support.