We recognise that these past 2 years has been a period of unprecedented change within the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts.  The Corporate Services Division is the Ministry’s leading think-tank on strategic and planning of the activities and legal frameworks supporting the initiatives of the Ministry as well as policy formulation and development-related issues and trends, conducting research and making recommendations to the Minister and PS, documenting programs, events and latest publications.Corporate Services engineers the Ministry business plans, annual reports, performance results and the supporting management information that are integral to the government’s fiscal and strategic plan, quarterly reports and other financial and performance reporting. It leads in the effective formulation, development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and coordination of strategies, policies and procedures to support, influence and drive change to deliver improving outcomes.

This year we have began work on a more navigable website as you can see to create a greater understanding and awareness on issues affecting the Ministry and the education sector. Within the Corporate Services, there are enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to providing great service. This is because Corporate Services’ employees understand that the Ministry and the activities framework depend on the work they do.

The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts has a dynamic Minister who has enforced an ambitious work programme for the different sections and that whilst much has been achieved in a short period of time, there remains more to do and most of the work of the Corporate Services will be shared in the website.

We further recognise the unprecedented pace and scale of changes that have been introduced across the education system during this political term.  We wish to thank all the staff for their contributions to improving the educational outcomes of all learners and for their efforts and support to realise our objectives of equality, excellence, enjoyment and efficiency. The priorities we report in this website don’t form an exhaustive list of what we do as we do much more as time passes by.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Corporate Services and Happy Surfing