This is a new Unit established in February 2007 as part of the Education Reform Initiative to replace the Special Projects, Research and Development [SPRD] Unit.

The Asset Monitoring Unit(AMU) comprises of the Director AMU, 1 Principal Education Officer(Assets), 1 Senior Education Officer(Development),Senior Education Officer(Disaster), Senior Education Officer(Project) 1 Education Officer(Special Project), Education Officer (Project) and 1 Building Supervisor. The support staff includes a messenger, a driver, a clerk, 2 typists and an assistant accounts officer.

The Unit is responsible in ensuring the better management and monitoring of capital projects, assets educational resources and continuous improvement in performance in schools, through financial assistance and advisory services to management and the teachers for the efficient and effective running of schools.

It facilitates school infrastructure improvements to the 168 secondary schools, 735 primary schools and more than 1000 ECE Centres around the country that are aided by government through the provision of building and boarding grants. This is to ensure that the standards in school infrastructure are of a quality that is OHS compliant, and is maintained for quality service delivery in the classrooms.
In addition, school managements are supported to ensure that the quality of service delivery is maintained at a high level. The use of these grants is monitored through sight visits for verification of acquittals against work done. All the information about assistance given, the monitoring done is recorded. Consequently, the learning environment of the child is greatly improved, in order that the national goals of education are fulfilled for school aged children to receive quality education through the support provided by the Ministry.
The Unit also coordinates interventions with members of the Education Cluster during emergencies in schools that arise from natural and man-made disasters. There is continued liaison with other stakeholders in order for the Ministry to take proactive measures to minimize disruptions to education services to the children of the nation.