1.  Education Background
- Primary & Secondary Education
   Korotari Arya, Labasa Arya and Labasa College

- Tertiary Education
   Diploma in Business Studies from Fiji Institute of Technology
   University of the South Pacific
   Masters of Education, Bachelor of Arts, Post Graduate Certificate in Education
   Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Professional Diploma in Business Leadership

2.  Work Experience
Mrs. Kumar has climbed through various ranks to what she is today
From being a Teacher, Head of Department, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal, Principal, Senior Education Officer, Principal Education Officer, Director Secondary, Deputy Secretary Primary/Secondary/Asset Monitoring Unit/Fiji Teacher Registration Board to  Permanent Secretary

3.  Conference/ Workshops Attended
Mrs. Kumar has attended a number of local and international conferences and workshops in Japan, Cambodia, Bangkok, Beijing and Thailand

4.  Contribution to Professional Literature
•    Presented Papers in Bangkok, Thailand, Asia Pacific Regional Congress
•    Journal Articles in Fiji Teachers Union Journal and Marama Magazine
•    Conduct Workshops and Seminars for Fiji Teachers Union Members
•    Religious Programme in Radio Fiji 2

5.   Special Achievements
•    Assistant General Secretary – Fiji Teachers Union from 2002 – 2010
•    Appointment to the Employment Relations Advisory Board since 2009
•    Member of Women’s International Networking Education and Technology (WINET)
•    Certificated trainer for gender mainstreaming in Fiji

6.   Interests
•    Reading Professional Literature
•    Reading researched materials in Economics
•    Inspire and Empower Women through Workshops.
•    Providing Social and Community Service