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Sukhendra D. lal

Sukhendra D. lal


Director – Finance


Prudent Financial Management and Accountability of Resources


Ensure that an effective internal control system is in place to strengthen financial processes and safeguard resources adhering to Financial Rules and Regulations.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Finance Section is responsible to:

Allocate approved funding in Budget Estimates to all Vote Controllers, monitor and control expenditure in compliance with Financial Regulations, Finance Manual and guidelines.
Ensure availability of cash flow to meet the Ministry’s financial commitments in accordance with the 2015 Budget Estimates.
Ensuring all payments of accounts owing; grants (ECE Salary, tuition (ECE, Primary, Secondary, Vocational) and Building), to Creditors Salaries and wages on a timely basis.
Preparation of Requisition to Incur Expenditure (RIE) for the release of funds for programs under ®.
Reduce overpayments through prompt cessation of salaries due to retirements, resignations, terminations, deemed resignations, excessive leave and study leave without pay.
Carry out reconciliations (Drawings, IDC and Trust Accounts) to ensure all expenditures are recorded against a budgetary allocation reflecting a true status of the Ministry’s expenditure and ensure that Annual Board of Surveys are conducted annually for all Departments, Government Schools, Sections and District Offices.
Provide accurate monthly financial reports to the Senior Staff for accurate decision making and assess the performance of projects against the budgetary allocations.
Assist and coordinate the preparation of the Ministry’s Budget Proposals from submissions from all sections and compiling these submissions as Ministry’s Budget within Budget Envelope to the Ministry of Finance after consultations with the Ministry’s Budget Committee.
Prepare responses to Audit (Internal/ External) and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) queries.
Ensure effective internal control measures are in place in all areas to reduce likely fraudulent activities and safe guard government assets and resources.