As Term 2 academic year begins today, the Ministry for Education, Heritage & Arts welcomes students and teachers back to school. The Ministry hopes that the school break was refreshing for our teachers and students as they start term 2.

“In last two years, there has been loss of learning and 2022 academic year is far from normal. New school year started in April of this year and it’s time to recover learning losses and complete syllabus. Let us all come together to help our children in their positive growth and development.” said Minister Premila Kumar.

Hon. Kumar also reminded teachers and students that COVID-19 is not over yet. In fact, cases of Coronavirus is increasing in our communities. Therefore, schools are encouraged to comply with Safe School Reopening Protocol. Students and teachers are strongly encouraged to wear masks although it is not mandatory.

“We want our students and teachers to be safe from the virus so that learning and teaching is not disrupted.  We therefore request parents to get their children vaccinated and teachers to get boosted,” said the Minister She extends her best wishes to all students and teachers for the term which ends on 6 October.