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The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts wishes to advise that school closure due to COVID-19 has been further extended until 12 June, 2020 keeping in mind the welfare and safety of our children who are vulnerable during this crisis. Classes are expected to resume on 16 June, 2020.

Teachers are to report to school where possible from Monday 20 April 2020 to facilitate teaching materials for home-based educational activities. We understand that these are not normal times and there are a number of factors such as damages to facilities and travel restrictions. Where teachers cannot physically report to their schools, they can liaise with their Heads of School and work from home. Heads of School and teachers need to utilise this time for professional advancement and development of supportive learning resources for children who remain at home.

Parents who do not have access to online supplementary resources will have access to resource materials from respective schools from May 4. Heads of School will facilitate this arrangement for their students. However, parents are encouraged to continue accessing supplementary resources available on our Website, Google Shared Drive, FEMIS, Facebook and the ongoing radio programmes on Radio Fiji One and Radio Fiji Two to keep their children engaged during these trying times.

All English, Vernacular and Test Subject project work that formed the basis of internal assessment has been removed this academic year due to movement restrictions. When schools resume for classes, Internal Examination will be conducted for Years 1 to 8 Literacy and Numeracy Assessment for Year 5 and 7, Standard Examination for Years 9 to 11 and External Examination for Years 12 and 13.

Minister Akbar stresses that these are extraordinary times and parental guidance, supervision and monitoring of children is paramount.

The Ministry is also pleased to advise parents that students will be able to access WALESI Free to Air Educational Channel from Monday 27 April, 2020. Further details will be released at a later date.

Minister Akbar, states that, “it is important that we keep our children safe and ensure schools remain closed for the health, wellbeing and safety of our children. Ideally children should return to schools when we are COVID-19 free. We want to be absolutely sure that our schools are safe when classes resume.”

Minister Akbar reiterates the partnership of parental engagement to keep
students engaged in variety of activities. This should not be limited to the radio programmes and supplementary lessons provided by the Ministry. It is also equally important that parents spend quality time in coaching and mentoring their children over this extended school closure period.

The Ministry is working closely with the Ministry of Health, Medical Services and the National Disaster Management Office to assess the situation. We urge parents to keep themselves updated with news and developments relating to this national crisis.

-Ends (16/04/2020)