In view of the COVID-19 pandemic the Ministry has extended the school closure until 12 June, 2020. The Ministry is concerned about the welfare and safety of the students, unfortunately it has been brought to our attention a lot of children are found out and about in towns and cities.

Minister Akbar is disappointed that despite numerous reminders to parents to keep children at home in this crisis situation, complaints continue to be received of children loitering in towns and cities.

Minister Akbar says “these are not normal times and we need to stand in
solidarity to protect our children. Parents please be vigilant and keep your
children at home. This is a new virus, we are learning to adjust and it’s still not safe out there. You must at all times adhere to the health, wellbeing and safety of our children.”

The Ministry is once again reminding students that they cannot access the
government subsidized blue cards during this extended period.

To keep our students occupied and engaged, the Ministry thanks all teachers for preparing supplementary resource materials that will be accessible online. Parents who cannot access online materials need to visit their school where possible to collect these materials from 4 May 2020.

Parents are again reminded that these resources are supplementary and are non-examinable. These are designed to keep our children occupied at home.

Meanwhile, students are encouraged to stay tuned to Radio Fiji One and Radio Fiji Two for the daily radio programmes.

Very shortly students will be able to access our free to air channel on WALESI Platform.

-Ends (21/04/2020)