Toll Free Helpline for Teachers - Call (162) & Parents/Students Call - (163)

 Our Reference: ESU MR2/2020                                                                     Date: 03 January 2020



The Ministry urges all teachers who have not yet uploaded their new, signed e-contracts onto the FEMIS platform to immediately upload their contracts to avoid any disruption in their pay for the start of Term 1.

As of today, over 2,500 contracts have been successfully submitted – a number that has swelled significantly in recent days due to an ambitious outreach campaign by Ministry officials.

The new e-contract system has significantly streamlined the Ministry’s contract approval process, provided a wealth of valuable data on teacher assignments, added unprecedented security and transparency to the system, eliminated vast amounts of paperwork, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead costs, and most importantly made contract approvals much quicker and easier for the benefit of our hardworking Fijian teachers across the country. The Fijian Education Management Information System (FEMIS) platform can be utilised anywhere in the world from the ease of a mobile phone, so any teachers travelling for the holiday season can take advantage of this improved process.

Meanwhile, several hundred e-contracts remain to be uploaded, and Ministry urges these teachers to act swiftly in order to avoid a delay in their pay. The Ministry wants to avoid any confusion on this issue and our headquarters officers will be working overtime through the weekend to continue to reach out to those teachers via phone and email. The contact information being used is that currently provided by individual teachers on FEMIS, so teachers who have not been contacted are also asked to make sure that their FEMIS information is current and up-to-date.

Any questions can be directed to the Ministry by dialing 9904513, and officials will be staffing this helpline from the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm throughout the weekend and from 08h00 to 17h00 during weekdays.

 Ends (03/01/2020)

Hon. Rosy Akbar, Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts