Toll Free Helpline for Teachers - Call (162) & Parents/Students Call - (163)

Our Reference: ESU MR3/2020                                                                      Date: 03 January 2020



The Ministry is pleased to report that even with only 70 available vacancies 424 transfers have been approved to date through an initiative to create new opportunities for teachers whenever it best serves both their needs and those of the students they serve. Priority has been placed on high-need teachers, and the Ministry is focused on reuniting families wherever possible.

All transfer status updates will be issued and posted to the Fijian Education Management Information System (FEMIS) by Sunday 5 January 2020. Any remaining requests will remain in the pool of applicants for consideration for future terms, which is constantly re-examined to create further opportunities and fill vacancies where they exist. Thus those teachers who have not had a transfer confirmed are asked to return to the same school until such time as a transfer is possible.

Any questions can be directed to the Ministry by dialing 9904513, and officials will be staffing this helpline from the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm throughout the weekend and from 08h00 to 17h00 during weekdays.  Minister Akbar looks forward to starting 2020 in a way that will be as smooth as possible for Fijian teachers and requests their active and timely participation in this process to ensure its success and avoid any unnecessary disruptions.

All the best to the teachers, students and parents in the 2020 academic year.

Ends (03/01/2020)

Hon. Rosy Akbar, Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts