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Media Release                                                       Our Reference:  MR 10/19

The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts would like to thank all teachers and students for your diligent work this year and know that you will continue to prepare for the External and National Annual Examinations which start on Monday 23 September 2019.


Schools are a hub of activity at the moment and we hope the same will be true after exams. Term 3 ends officially on 22 November 2019 and we encourage all parents to send your children to school after exams are over and assure you that our teachers are geared up to keep our students engaged in a healthy and safe manner following the National Examinations.


The Ministry has prepared guides for all Schools with ideas on how to keep all students fully engaged in both academic and extra-curricular activities. Some areas of academic focus include but are not limited to literacy and numeracy, family life, Constitution and citizenship education, financial and enterprise education, careers and computing. However, the Heads of Schools and teachers are free to tap into their wealth of creativity to come up with ideas to engage students on other important issues such as climate change while also promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity.


The guides also give ample time to focus on social issues such as drug awareness, a healthy approach and attitude towards social media, cultural education, water, fire and road safety, dealing with abuse and trauma, suicide awareness and gardening. Primary schools will also be busy preparing for the National Athletics Championships to help identify our future National Sporting heroes. All students will be given the opportunity to try out various games and sports, arts and music. A special segment has been allocated to teach the children the lyrics of the National Anthem in our vernacular languages.


I encourage every parent and guardian to send your child to school as we anticipate our teachers will offer enriching experiences which break the myth that the last weeks of Term 3 are uneventful. Concerned parents and guardians can access these guides on the MEHA website with the following link: (


However, the focus now is on exams and I take this opportunity to wish you all the best. Take the exam as an invitation to demonstrate what you have learned as we know you have prepared well.


Ends (17/09/19)


Hon. Rosy Akbar, Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts